Finding the Best Refrigerator for You

Finding the Best Refrigerator for You

How long has it been since you upgraded your kitchen appliances? With the new year, many look to refresh their cooking space. Refrigerators are a big purchase and will be part of your kitchen appliance family for years to come, so here are tips to help you as you search for a new one!


If your fridge is housed between walls or cabinets, be sure the depth and width will be the right fit, including extra space to allow full ventilation. Nothing is more frustrating than getting such a big appliance home to find it is just a little bit too big for its designated space! Also be sure to factor in the doors, giving them enough room to fully open if there are nearby walls.

How You Fill Your Refrigerator

If your family utilizes freezer space for frozen meals or treats, make sure it can fit all of your typical groceries. If you mainly shop for fresh foods or have a separate freezer altogether and don’t need as much space for frozen goods, opt for the smaller freezer with more room in the fridge. Additionally, if you’re buying a lot of produce keep your eye out for larger produce drawers to lengthen the life of your fresh fruits and veggies.

Smarter Fridges

As smart home technologies continue to progress, we are seeing more and more smart kitchen appliances. If you love the idea of connected homes, then a smart refrigerator may be the right fit for you. From internal cameras and HD screens, to built-in speakers and Wi-Fi capabilities, smart refrigerators have something for every home’s needs.


Noisy refrigerators can easily become an annoyance in your home and are often a factor people fail to consider when viewing their options in an already noisy environment. Consumer Reports has a few favorite when it comes to quietness – Kenmore, LG and Samsung.

Recycle Your Older Refrigerator

Once you’ve selected a replacement, make sure to dispose of your older fridge properly. Chemicals in your refrigerator that allow for proper cooling can be harmful to the environment, making appropriate disposal very important. Local appliance stores and other professional services can offer recycling – either by scheduled pickup or drop-off – but also check with local charities, like Goodwill, on their donation needs if your refrigerator is still in working condition.

No matter your budget, you can find a refrigerator to best fit your needs.  Be sure to keep it protected with a SIMPLR protection plan!

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