How to Help Your Devices Keep Up On the Go

How to Help Your Devices Keep Up On the Go

We’re always on the move, and usually we’re taking our devices with us. Here are a few tips for keeping devices safe–and ensuring you can get the most out of them–while you travel.

Keep Devices Charged

Our devices are great tools when exploring a new city, but constant use can drain batteries more quickly. Purchasing a portable charger guarantees an extended battery life and can save the day when your battery is running dangerously low. Quick tip: In case you forget to grab your portable charger, try lowering your brightness or setting your wallpaper to a darker theme to save battery juice.

Prevent Cords from becoming Tangled or Frayed

With each device come charging cables, headphones, and more. These cords can easily get tangled, causing fraying or frustration. Luckily, there are tons of easy fixes to keep things from becoming a mess in transit. Creating a figure eight around your pointer and middle finger and tying around the middle (seen here) is an easy way to do so without having to purchase any additional gadgets or accessories.

Be Mindful of Your Wi-Fi

While finding free Wi-Fi is usually much appreciated, make sure you are not putting important information at risk. Take precautions, like the ones here, to make sure you’re protecting yourself against hackers while on the road!

Protect from Drops and Spills

One of the most important aspects of our device is the case keeping it safe, especially while we’re traveling. At the very least, we love purchasing cases that have some sort of shock absorbing qualities, like an Otterbox, or screen protectors to help protect cracks. Depending on your adventure, you may think about investing in a waterproof or water resistant case. For laptops, keyboard covers can help prevent moisture from getting into the computer’s processors.

Wherever your next travel adventure takes you, be sure to keep all of your devices protected with a SIMPLR Protection Plan!

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