How to Strengthen and Tone without the Chill

How to Strengthen and Tone without the Chill

Blistering cold weather makes it difficult to leave your toasty bed, much less hit the track for a chilly run outside. We’ve rounded up some fun, energy-boosting indoor workouts that will help you stay in shape while staying warm this month.

Creative Cardio

Who says you have to leave your jump rope and Double Dutch moves in the past? Okay – you may have to pass on the Double Dutch, but 10 minutes of jumping rope allows you to burn as many calories as jogging an 8-minute mile. Set aside some time to put in the work for this jump rope exercise. And yes, this can be completed in your own home!

Leg Power

When it’s time to lose the fur coats and throw on a pair of shorts, your legs will be the first thing you notice in the mirror. Try scoping out a local indoor-pool and dive into these water workout routines for sculpted legs.

AB-solutley Fit

With beach-bod season approaching in a few months, it’s no wonder ab workouts are the first to come to mind. What you’ll need: A medicine ball and a positive mindset.

Total Body Toning

Can you spare 30 minutes? That’s all the time you’ll need for this total body workout routine. From mountain climbers to pushups, leave the weights on the rack and feel the burn. SIMPLR Tip: Be sure to cool down and stretchwhen you’re finished.

Kicking the Norm

Looking to burn some calories and break a sweat, but want to skip the everyday routines? Though the above exercises are sure to warm you up and get you going, leveraging your adventurous side and trying these indoor workouts will have you hitting up your local activity center or fitness class:

  • Rock-climbing: Did you know rocky climbing is good for the body and mind?
  • Barre-class: A mix of ballet, Pilates, yoga and music.
  • Boxing: You don’t have to be Rocky to get a few punches in.
  • Aerial Yoga: A unique spin on yoga.
  • Indoor sports: Soccer, basketball, volleyball and racquetball can all be practiced inside depending on the activity center.
  • Dance fitness: High intensity dance classes are a fun way to burn calories while listening to your favorite tunes.

From your portable music player to your indoor cycling machine, keep you’re your valuables protected with a SIMPLR plan that fits your active lifestyle! 

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