3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Flatiron

3 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Flatiron


If you’re lucky, your trusty flatiron has been with you for years—but did you know it has a few tricks up its sleeve? Before we dive in, let’s tackle a couple of flatiron basics: Make sure you’re using the right size of tool and setting it at the appropriate temperature; these variables depend on your particular length, texture, and thickness. (Find a handy primer here.)

Now, let’s teach that old flatiron some new tricks.

Polish a Bob

Instead of straightening your bob from root to tip every morning, why not curl the ends under for a chic twist? Sally Beauty has the super simple instructions: Straighten your hair in two-inch sections, as per usual, but roll the ends under toward your chin instead of making them stick straight. (This trick works on longer hair, too.) Voilà!

Get Bedhead Texture

This tutorial from Cosmopolitan is almost as easy as waking up with actual bedhead. Spritz dry hair with a salt spray—they recommend one from Tigi but you can also make your own then separate into a few face-framing sections. (If you want looser waves, shoot for three or four plaits; for tighter waves, try five or six.) Run your flatiron over the braids, one by one, then set them free. Finish by dragging your fingers through your hair to loosen up the waves.

Score Beachy Waves

No matter the length of your hair, this foolproof technique from A Beautiful Mess will result in Pinterest-worthy beachy waves. Start with a one-inch section of hair, and bend it away from your face with the flatiron. Stop about three-quarters of the way down your hair. Now grab the neighboring one-inch section of hair, and curl it in the opposite direction from the first one—this is how you get that perfectly imperfect look. Continue this curl-one-way-then-the-other process until you’ve tackled your whole head, and then tousle it all with your fingers. Optional final touch: Straighten the bottom inch or so of your tips.

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