Inventive Uses for Your Hair Dryer

Inventive Uses for Your Hair Dryer

If you think the craziest alternative use for your hair dryer is defogging your bathroom mirror post-shower, we are about to blow your mind. Here are five other ways to utilize that trusty beauty appliance.

Removing Dried Wax
Ack, a candle malfunction left waxy residue on your coffee table! Here’s a solution from Apartment Therapy: Melt the hardened wax using your hair dryer’s slowest, hottest setting. Wipe off the resulting glob with a paper towel, then dip a clean cloth in a mixture of equal parts vinegar and water to get rid of any remaining gunk. Important note to parents: This method also works on crayon marks that have mysteriously appeared on your walls.

Blasting Away Dish Rings
Seriously, why is it so hard for people to use coasters? Luckily, you can quickly and easily remove those icky white rings left by drinking glasses (and other dishes). Snap on your blow dryer’s nozzle attachment and aim the appliance directly at the mark; start on the cool setting and then increase the heat. Watch the ring disappear before your eyes. More info here.

Adding Gloss to Frosting
You’ve whipped up the most delicious batch of cupcakes, but their appearance is missing just one little thing: a nice sheen. Carefully blow your baked treats with a hair dryer on the lowest setting…and pat yourself on the back as a professional-looking gloss materializes. More info here.

Defrosting Frozen Veggies
Who hasn’t stumbled upon long-forgotten bags of veggies in the back of the freezer? Use your blow dryer to blast away those layers of ice instead of chipping them away by hand. (Oh, and once you can actually see the packaging, make sure it’s not expired.) More info here.

Removing a Band-Aid
Whether you’ve got extra body hair or simply a low tolerance for pain, ripping off a bandage can hurt like heck. Shoot some warm air on the area in question, melting the glue a bit. It should then be easier to pull off the adhesive. More info here.

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