3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Operating System

3 Reasons to Upgrade Your Operating System

Whether you’re updating an existing service pack or upgrading a platform to the next major version, it’s important to keep your computer, phone, and tablet up to date. These are the top three advantages of installing a new and improved OS.

To Keep Up

A major benefit of most operating system upgrades is improved overall performance—your device will run smoother and faster which may even cause your overall demeanor to improve as well. From iOS to Windows to Android, installing an update is as easy as the resulting user experience; you’re notified when a new version is available and simply have to click a few buttons to agree to the installation. Your device does the rest for you.

To Access New Features

Digging into an updated or upgraded operating system can be like waking up on Christmas morning: so many surprises! September’s Windows 10 release boasts a Siri-like cyber assistant named Cortana, an image-recognition log-in, and a revamped start menu and apps for mail, calendar, and photos. The only drawback to this onslaught of new features is that there is an adjustment period—so don’t upgrade immediately before a big deadline or presentation.

To Prevent Cyber Attacks

Nestled among the shiny bells and whistles are updates that are crucial to your device’s safety. Whenever bugs and vulnerabilities are discovered in an OS, the next version sets out to fix them. In Apple’s recently released El Capitan, for example, lies an extra security layer for system files. According to Tech Crunch, even if you’re an admin user and enter your password, third-party apps can’t alter system files. Ignoring security updates is a gamble similar to never locking the doors to your house: You’re just waiting for someone to take advantage of your vulnerability.

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