7 Apps and Gadgets for Smooth Spring Break Travels

7 Apps and Gadgets for Smooth Spring Break Travels

White sandy beaches, exotic camping trips and awesome historic destinations – spring break is officially in the air.  Whether you’re hopping on an airplane or trekking across the country in your car, we’ve listed our seven favorite apps and gadgets that will make your travel process a little smoother this spring break!



Expensive flights are so last year! Hopper monitors and predicts the best times to buy cheap flights so you don’t have to. After analyzing a multitude of air fares, the app will let you know if you should wait or book your flight. Once a price drops, a Hopper notification will light up your screen, urging you to purchase your ticket.

Trip It

You can forget the hassle of booking a travel agent. TripIt combines confirmation emails – hotel, rental car, flight and restaurant reservations – and organizes them into an easily accessible and simple itinerary.  You even have the ability to add or edit your plans right from the app!


If you’re not up for the good ol’ turn-by-turn voice commands, we recommend downloading Maps.Me – a highly detailed map app that allows you to navigate the roads while your phone is offline. Maps.Me has detailed directions to some the world’s smallest cities, allows you to search without an internet connection and even bookmarks your favorite destinations. 

Gas Buddy 

Have you ever passed up a gas station thinking you’ll find better prices at the next exit? Gas Buddy takes the guess work out of it – and can ensure you don’t get stuck filling up your tank for more than you than you initially planned. The consumer-based app locates the cheapest gas stations for you, so you don’t have to worry about passing up a good deal.



Wishing you could mute loud passengers on a plane or unwanted tunes on a road trip? Imagine a comfortable headband with built-in headphones that drown out any noise during your trip. With SleepPhones you can either listen to your own tunes or download the app for calming melodies.

TomTom GPS Navigator 

Nothing stinks more than getting that, “You’ve used 90 percent of your data” message on your phone. Save your mobile internet for the moments that really matter and invest in an automobile GPS for your spring break adventures. The TomTom GPS Navigator’s features include constant map updates, a rechargeable battery and can mount to your windshield or dashboard. It’s large enough to see where you’re headed, but small enough to cause a distraction.

Blue Smart Luggage

Blue Smart is the holy grail of carry-on luggage. Its advanced technologies include locating and tracking capabilities, a built-in scale, a TSA friendly digital lock and a distance alert system. It even has a built-in charging station and syncs with an app to make things even easier. Need we say more?

 Now that you’re prepped and ready for your warm weather escapades, be sure to keep your devices protected with a SIMPLR protection plan that fits you! 

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