Boost Your Productivity with these 6 Apps

Boost Your Productivity with these 6 Apps

Having your very own personal assistant to jot down your notes, store your files and plan out your days is ideal. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the luxury of hiring a PA, so we’ve narrowed down our favorite apps that can help make your days easier, efficient and more productive overall.


Imagine having all your files, photos and important documents available anytime and anyplace. Dropbox is a cloud storage program that syncs your files across all your devices. It’s perfect for business professionals, but is also a great resource for everyday use in your personal life.

SIMPLR Fave: Microsoft Office document editing


The shipping process can be an absolute drag, so why not have someone do it for you? A Shyp team member will pick your package up from your home or office, professionally package it for you and send your item(s) off for the lowest rate possible. With real-time tracking, you’ll know when your package has been safely delivered to its destination. How easy is that?

SIMPLR Fave: International shipping options


From scheduling your next trip to receiving a reminder alert for your morning coffee date with, the Sunrise app makes handling your Exchange, iCloud and Google calendars a breeze. Its sleek design and smart icons make it easier to browse through your hectic schedule. It even connects with all of go-to apps like Facebook, TripIt and Evernote.

SIMPLR Fave: Google Maps integration


Speaking of Evernote… If you’re an avid list maker and note taker, then Evernote is your one-stop-shop for lifestyle management. This popular app goes beyond the basics by letting you clip web articles and capture handwritten notes for later viewing, make presentations, collaborate with team members and more.

SIMPLR Fave: Searchable feature


Do you ever have an email that you forget to send, even though it’s been drafted, saved and ready to go for a couple of weeks now? Boomerang comes to the rescue with its email scheduling capability. Powered by Google for Gmail, Boomerang lets you take the reins on email.

SIMPLR Fave: Schedule recurring messages


The magic is in the name. EasilyDo allows you to track shipments, reserve flights and hotels, streamline your contact list, manage your emails and more – all in one app. With the all the combined characteristics of a personal assistant, this app will take your productiveness to the next level.

SIMPLR Fave: Digital Boarding Pass

Whatever device you’re using to keep your life organize, keep it protected with a SIMPLR protection plan that works for you.  

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