Father’s Day Tech Gift Guide

Father’s Day Tech Gift Guide

In a Father’s Day funk because you don’t know what to gift Dad? Look no further than these awesome tech trends that guarantee gift-giving success!

For the Gadget Guru

These nifty niche gadgets are prime for that dad that loves all the little cogs that come together to make the tech world so expansive. He’ll be blown away by these finds!

  • Flic: It’s a small, yet simple and stylish, wireless button that acts as a shortcut to all your favorite actions on your phone. Flic only has three operating techniques: click, double click and hold. With these actions you can call a cab, send a text message to a friend, or dim the lights in your home. Get four Flics for under $100, and connect everyone!
  • Google Chromecast: Improve your TV-watching experience with ease! Hook up the device to your television to access shows, movies, songs, radio games and more, providing Dad with ongoing entertainment.

The Efficiency Expert

This dad is a professional multi-tasker. Give him these efficiency boosters, and he is sure to be unstoppable!

  • The Biolite PowerLight Mini: A lantern, night light, and phone charger wrapped in one small handheld device. The Biolite PowerLight can be mounted to a bike, can last up to 52 hours of light with 4 different luminosity options, give your phone a power boost, and is under $50. Sit back and watch your Dad be amazed with all that this bad boy can do.
  • Belkin YourType Keyboard Portfolio: Utilize that tablet with this on-the-go keyboard! This travel-friendly gadget connects via Bluetooth, giving you a laptop-style experience without the bulk. This is the dream for any father with a fast-paced lifestyle.

The Simple Shopper

A puzzle when it comes to gift-giving, this dad never admits to what he wants— but that’s ok! These universally relevant and fun gift ideas will ease your anxiety in no time.

  • iLive Portable Power Charger: If your dad has a smart phone, this product is a must. With the Smart Charger, you can provide instant power through the standard USB charger and external battery back.
  • iLive Bluetooth Stereo Headset: Rock Dad’s world with these wireless, Bluetooth, and very affordable headphones. Get up to 4 hours of straight audio streaming, and easily recharge via USB through a PC or Mac. No nonsense, no problem.

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