3 Things You Need to Protect Your Phone

3 Things You Need to Protect Your Phone

You likely spent hundreds of dollars on your smartphone—so guarding it from any kind of damage is a must. Here are three no-brainers for keeping your phone intact.

Download These Apps

The first step to protecting your phone is making sure you always actually have it. Luckily, there are apps that let you track your phone from a similar device whenever it’s gone MIA. Apple users gravitate toward Find My iPhone, Android users can rely on Where’s My Droid, and Windows Phone users get one called FollowMee. All are free and will show your missing phone’s location on a map. However, the key is downloading the app before you lose your phone.

Commit to a Case

A case is a must-have for protecting your phone. Lifeproof cases provide a high  level of protection, while Gizmag has a roundup of heavy-duty cases that even Bear Grylls would approve of. For ones with a bit less bulk, check out Hongkiat’s top five picks. Still not happy? Zagg makes near-invisible cases for most brands and models.

Consider a Screen Protector

As the most fragile—and thus vulnerable—component of your phone, the screen seems to be begging for an extra layer of protection. That’s exactly why screen protectors were invented, in both plastic and tempered glass form. They aren’t always necessary, especially since screen glass is becoming tougher and tougher across all brands, but they can come in handy at the beach and other sandy locales as well as near coarse dirt. In terms of scratch resistance, tempered glass protectors have a slight edge over plastic ones.

While these defense mechanisms are a start, make sure you protect your beloved phone with a plan from SIMPLR, which covers drops, spills, cracked screens and more.

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