How to Stop Breaking Your Camera

How to Stop Breaking Your Camera

Oh, the amount of money you spend on your precious camera and accompanying gear! Keep all of it secure—and your mind at ease—with these three SLR strategies.

Invest in a Camera Bag

Obvious, right? But don’t choose just any old camera bag (or the one that best complements your wardrobe). Key features to look for: an allover rainproof fabric; a bottom made of rubber or another waterproof material; a zipper closure rather than an open top. SLR Lounge suggests buying a camera bag that doesn’t actually look like a camera bag—that way, it’s less obvious that you’re toting around expensive gear. Via Shokit, here’s a comprehensive roundup of bags used by 75 top professional photographers.

Be Aware of Changing Climates

If there’s any noticeable change in temperature, keep your gear tucked away in that camera bag you’ve invested in. You check into an air-conditioned hotel room, hop into your heated car, or walk outside on a frigid winter day. This tactic comes in handy if you need to whip out your camera and shoot right away—an extreme temperature difference can result in foggy lenses and droplets of condensation, both of which are no good. And if that condensation gets inside your camera, you risk permanent water damage.

Mark Your Territory

No matter how many safety precautions you take, you and your camera may still get unintentionally separated. If you leave your gear somewhere, you’ll want for whoever finds it to be able to return it to you pronto; if it’s stolen, you’ll want to minimize the chances that it will be resold. An easy way to solve both: scratching your name and email address on the bottom. And keep your camera’s serial number stored in your phone, as well as written down in another safe place, so you can verify it’s yours when it turns up.

Finally, keep your mind at ease amid life’s unpredictable adventures by protecting your beloved camera with a plan from SIMPLR, which covers drops, spills, cracked screens and more!

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