Protect Your DJ Gear in 3 Easy Steps

Protect Your DJ Gear in 3 Easy Steps

Calling all DJs: Your gear protection is just as valuable as your actual gear. Keep this checklist in your phone to help make sure you arrive to gigs prepared and leave without regrets.

Protecting Your Tracks

DJ Tech Tools has an in-depth guide to protecting your DJ gear, which begins by laying down the essentials of backing up your music. Three spot-on recommendations:

  • Bring a bootable clone of your hard drive. This way, you can access your set from another computer, should—gulp—something unfortunate happen to yours.
  • Take advantage of cloud storage. If your hard drive is on the fritz, you’ll want to be able to re-download your set ASAP. Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, and Google Music are all smart, user-friendly cloud options.
  • Going old-school with a backup CD. Yep, this is your last resort, but in a pinch it’ll do just fine. Make sure there’s a laptop with a CD drive in the booth beforehand, just in case.

Protecting Your Computer

For transporting, you’ll want a sturdy bag that fits your kit and the accompanying jumble of wires, adapters, controllers, and soundcards. For your gigs, two pieces of equipment can protect your precious laptop from sloppy partiers: a DJ stand to elevate your laptop above the fray and a keyboard cover to resist any spillage that makes its way inside the booth.

Protecting Your Ears

Many DJs are plagued with hearing issues, from tinnitus to permanent hearing loss. Therefore, earplugs are a must for before and after your set if you are walking around the booming club. Ear protection during your set is a bit trickier, since you actually need to hear the music. Each DJ has their own preference when it comes to ear protection, but as long as your hearing is protected when the speakers are blaring, you’ve picked out some winners.

While accessories may minimize damage to your gear, the unexpected is always one step ahead of the game. For the moments in life you can’t predict, protect your equipment with a plan from SIMPLR, which covers accidental damage and mechanical breakdowns.

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