How To Treat Your Electronics Better in 2016

How To Treat Your Electronics Better in 2016

New Year…new outlook on electronics? Swear by these five rules in 2016 and you’ll find yourself with fewer gadget-related worries all year long.

1.) Make your device easy to ID if you lose it.

You know that bone-chilling panic that sets in upon realizing you’ve left your cell phone at a restaurant or your laptop in the back of a cab? These accidents happen to even our most careful friends, so it’s important to make your electronics identifiable—and returnable—when they wind up in a stranger’s hands. Start by writing your name and email address (not your home address, of course) on a piece of tape and sticking it on or inside the case. Then mark up the inside with the same info, whether it’s your camera’s very first photo or somewhere on your phone’s lock screen.

2.) Install tracking software.

Be sure to download one of the popular “find my phone” apps before you actually lose your phone (there are iOS, Android, and Windows versions). An anti-theft alternative is Prey, a free open-source app that can tell you where your stolen device ended up—and even let you remotely take a photo of the culprit.

3.) Keep it clean.

Screens, keyboards, cases—even if you own just one device, there are a lot of parts to clean. Popular Mechanics has an impressive guide to cleaning gadgets without breaking them. Its main takeaway: Don’t buy fancy cleaning solutions or pre-soaked wipes; instead, use inexpensive items you probably have lying around, like cotton clothes, rubbing alcohol, and water.

4.) Regularly update your software.

Owning a laptop or smartphone is like owning a car, in that you have to make occasional upgrades to keep it running smoothly. There are three main pros of downloading your device’s latest software version, which GoSpotCheck sums up nicely: It keeps the apps working optimally, the risk of bugs down, and the data super secure. Just like with your car, updating now will save you money in the long run.

5.) Safeguard against drops and spills.

All of the above preventative measures can end up being worthless in the blink of an eye if your device goes crashing to the floor or into the pool. Always carry your gear in a case. Always. We’ve already talked about some of the best phone cases and tablet cases out there, so find one that best suits your needs!

Whether you own one device or 20, SIMPLR has your electronics covered. Find out what we protect—and how we work—here.

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