5 New Uses for Your Blender

5 New Uses for Your Blender

As one of the most common kitchen appliances, the blender has been hailed as everything from handy to life-changing. But is yours living up to its potential? We found five new ways to put your blender to use.

If you need fresh salsa on the spot, look no further than your blender. The only thing better than the resulting smooth, silky, and flavorful dip? The fact that this method of preparing it requires zero chopping. We found this fantastic recipe you should try.

Ground Coffee
You don’t need a fancy coffee grinder to turn beans into grounds. To do, gradually add a small amount of coffee beans to the blender and turn it to the 8 or 9 setting. It’s important to note that a proper grinder will get you a more desirable result—but this alternative totally works in a pinch. More info here.

Well, technically, you can make pancake batter. But also: French toast batter. And waffle batter. Simply, mix the ingredients—plus extras like bananas, oats, sweet potatoes, and pumpkin—in the blender, then pour right onto the skillet. Ahh, instant breakfast. Try these great recipes.

This one is almost too easy: You can make fresh applesauce in just a few minutes. Toss apple slices, lemon juice, brown sugar, water, salt, and allspice into the blender, pulse until blended, and you have yourself a few cups of delicious, unprocessed applesauce. A full recipe can be found here.

Creamy Cauliflower Sauce
Cauliflower is proving itself as a surprisingly versatile food, and our latest discovery is a creamy sauce made from the cruciferous. With hints of garlic, basil, and chicken-style seasoning, it looks and tastes similar to alfredo sauce—once blended, of course—but it’s a lot healthier. Pull a fast one on your family with the recipe here.

A Pitcher
One of your blender’s most obvious uses might be its most overlooked: a serving pitcher. Smoothies, juices, chilled alcoholic beverages—whatever you whip up, most of today’s models are pretty enough to be brought to the table (…or the cabana).

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