5 Ways Smart Homes Can Improve Your Life

5 Ways Smart Homes Can Improve Your Life

Most Americans are smartphone pros, but today our homes are becoming smarter as well. As the “Internet of Things” continue to advance and establish a presence in our homes, it’s safe to say the changes that come along with it can positively affect our daily routines and even family relationships. According to Intel, 58 percent of Americans believe smart home adoption will improve their personal lives and relationships, increasing family time by 25 percent and personal time by 22 percent. We’re taking a look at how beneficial a smart home can be in your life.

The problem is groceries; the solution is a smart fridge.

Imagine pulling out your phone, opening an app and peeking into your fridge to find that you’re almost out of lettuce and apple juice.  With innovations like Samsung Samsung’s Family Hub built-in refrigerator cameras that give you front row access any time and place, you’ll never forget groceries again. Its high definition touchscreen allows you to send notes and reminders to your spouse, too! Other key features include notifications on soon-to-expire food, customizable shopping lists that sync to your mobile device and instant access to recipes.

Saving cash, your home and stress

Water leaks can cost hundreds, and if the damage is bad enough, thousands of dollars. Nothing says stress like new floor work, cabinet destruction, molding walls and plumbing maintenance. How neat would it be to receive a heads up the second a leak occurs? Smart advancements like the WallyHome hub instantly detects leaks and sends updates to your smart home to notify you to take immediate action.

Chores, Chores, Chores

From mowing the lawn and doing the dishes, to cleaning the toilet and brewing your morning coffee, household tasks can be a pain. Investing in home automations technologies like smart toilets, autonomous lawn mowers, and smart coffee machines can help alleviate the stress of day-to-day tasks.  Smart garbage cans are even breaking into the scene which can notify you when you need to take the trash out and when you’re low on bags.

A Better Night’s Sleep

The key to better health, improved moods and clearer skin? A good night’s rest of course! Many popular smart beds and mattresses  not only conform to  your body and sleep cycles, but also monitor  your heart rate and breathing patterns to make sure you and your partner get a peaceful night’s sleep.

Less worrying, more family time

Energy saving products and top-notch security systems are usually both at the top of a home owner’s list of must-haves. All-in-one systems like the NuBryte home management, allows you to spend more time with the family and less time worrying. Its home lighting feature enables you to access each room’s lights through your mobile device.  Built-in motion detectors, live video alerts and vacation lighting keep your home safe and secure when you and the family are away. Add in an integrated family calendar, weather updates and an intercom system, and you have the ultimate smart home.

With innovations like the ones above, it’s no wonder 30 Million U.S. households are projected to add smart home technology to their lives over the next 12 months. Keep your devices protected with a SIMPLR protection plan that best fits your needs!  

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