Our Favorite Kitchen Hacks Ever

Our Favorite Kitchen Hacks Ever

Is there anything more satisfying than a genius kitchen hack? Here are five of our go-to shortcuts that work every time.

Use Up Every Last Drop of Mayo
Got a mayo jar that empty except for a few hard-to-reach globs? Add oil, vinegar, and your favorite herbs and spices, then shake. Tada: a creamy salad dressing.
Source: Distractify

Determine an Egg’s Freshness
Simply drop an egg into a pitcher of water and watch what happens. If it sinks? It’s fresh. If it submerges with its wide end up? It’s older but generally okay to cook with. If it floats? Toss it immediately.
Source: Bon Appetit

Cook Fish with Zero Mess
Grill or bake any kind of fish on a bed of lemon slices, rather than directly on the oven rack or baking sheet. You’ll avoid getting fish stuck to the rack or sheet and get instant zesty flavor.
Source: The Mother Huddle

Prolong the Life of Your Bananas
Wrap a small piece of plastic wrap tightly at the crown of a bunch of fresh bananas—they’ll last up to five days longer than usual!
Source: SnapGuide

Make DIY Taco Shells
Do you have a handful of tortillas, cooking spray, and an oven? Bam—you’ve got yourself the freshest taco shells ever. Full directions can be found at Eating Well.



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