July 4th Recipes

July 4th Recipes

We’re suckers for a good theme, so the mere mention of the words “Fourth of July” sends us running to Pinterest to scour for all things red, white, and blue. While we figure out a way to make the hot dogs and burgers those familiar flag colors, try these patriotic sides, sips, and sweets. Celebrating ’Merica has never been so delicious.

Patriotic Cheese & Berries Tray

It’s extremely possible that this is the easiest appetizer ever. Grab your favorite red berries (strawberries, raspberries, cherries) and white cheeses (mozzarella, gruyere, jack) and lay ’em out in flag-like stripes. Honestly, the hardest part might be finding a small bowl for the blueberries. Full recipe here.

RWB Salsa Blueberry-Strawberry Jicama Salad

Fresh, fruity, crunchy, and photogenic—what else could you ask for a picnic side? Give this festive salsa an extra kick with some finely chopped jalapeno. Full recipe here.

Captain America Drink 

This kid-friendly concoction will be the superhero of your party. Here’s the breakdown: The red is a mix of cherry Sprite and grenadine, the white is pina colada mix, and the blue is blueberry-flavored Kool-Aid. Give it a swirl for a marble-y effect. Full recipe here.

Red, White & Blueberry Cocktail  RWB Drink

This boozy beverage contains summer-appropriate ingredients like tequila, watermelon, lime, and blueberries. Whip up a batch of four at a time—and promise you’ll share. Full recipe here.

Red, White & Blue Cookie Cake

Bring the trendy chevron pattern to the dessert table. The concept is easy: Affix red, white, and blue M&Ms to a cookie cake with icing. The execution is a little painstaking—but well worth the hard work. Full recipe here.

RWB Cake  Fireworks Cake

This celebratory cake looks so much more complicated than it actually is. The secret? Gel food coloring and a good book to read while you wait for the icing to harden. Full recipe here.

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