Preventing a Kitchen Catastrophe: Follow These Tips to Prevent Oven Breakdown This Holiday Season

Preventing a Kitchen Catastrophe: Follow These Tips to Prevent Oven Breakdown This Holiday Season

Holiday season is upon us! Amid your dish scrubbing and recipe research, there’s one other kitchen item to prepare: your oven. Keep that trusty appliance—and your forthcoming feast—in tip-top shape with these three tips.


If you don’t use your oven regularly, give it a test-run about two weeks before you whip up your holiday meal. Make sure all parts and temperatures are functioning properly and that the inside and cooktop are relatively clean. While you’re at it, double-check the oven lock. Waiting until the big day for an assessment is a gamble you don’t want to take with a table full of hungry family members waiting.


Here’s a kitchen trick from Home-Tech appliance repair that you can use year-round: Preheat your oven as usual, but after signaling that it’s ready, let it preheat for another five to seven minutes. Those few extra minutes will allow time for the inside walls to heat, guaranteeing that your food will be cooked evenly and deliciously.


The table has been cleared and the guests have gone home—now is the time to clean your oven. If you opt for the self-cleaning route, follow your oven’s instructions to a T; not doing so is an excellent way to break the whole thing and create a fire hazard. You can also use a few common household products with this cleaning hack, courtesy of The Appliance Loft: Let the oven warm to 150 degrees, then turn it off. On the top shelf, place a small bowl containing a half cup of ammonia; on the bottom shelf, place a large pan of boiling water. Let that setup sit overnight. The next morning, remove both dishes and let the oven air out a bit—all the gunk should be loosened up enough to wipe off with a soft cloth and some dish soap.

 Despite our best efforts, breakdowns do still happen. Make sure your oven—and other kitchen appliances—are protected against defects, power surges, and much more with a SIMPLR plan.

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  2. Simon Brooks at 3:40 am

    Not a lot of people think about cleaning their oven after cooking a holiday meal, but it really does help it have a longer lifespan. Although, you have to be cautious if you choose to use the oven’s self-cleaning function; a lot of them heat up too much for some of the more delicate pieces of machinery to handle. That could lead to a pretty costly oven repair job and no one wants that. If you insist on using the self-clean feature, be sure to follow all the directions precisely.

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