The Best Recipes for a Tasty Microwave Meal

The Best Recipes for a Tasty Microwave Meal

Many think of their microwave as a place to quickly heat leftovers or pop up a movie snack, but we see the microwave as an excellent source of gourmet dinner inspiration. Here are 4 surprisingly easy dishes you can make in a microwave.

Salmon fillets and broccoli. Sounds questionable, but salmon is quickly cooked in the microwave and when done right, comes out moist and flaky. Alice Currah at provides these quick instructions for making a spicy salmon in the microwave.

Chicken Fajitas. Who says Tex-Mex needs to be a big production? Follow these quick instructions to have chicken fajitas on the table in less than 10 minutes, complete with tasty peppers and onions.

Risotto. Risotto’s traditional directions often include the words “stir constantly,” meaning you will spend a while stuck by the stove. Luckily, the microwave removes that dilemma! Brit + Co offers up three recipes for a 10-minute microwave risotto.

Dessert. No meal is complete without dessert, and we’ve got several quick and tasty desserts for a crowd. Check out sweet Chex mix from This Week for Dinner, or for a sweet and sticky experience try monkey bread in the microwave from the Neighborhood Moms.

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  1. David Thompson at 2:34 am

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