5 Tough Watches for Your Holiday Wish List

5 Tough Watches for Your Holiday Wish List

Calling all adventurers! Looking for a watch that can withstand your wildest trips? These durable, tech-savvy and stylish watches will be the perfect addition your holiday wish list.

Timex Ironman One GPS+

Are you ready to go off the grid and leave your phone at home – but don’t want to venture without some of the features like GPS or music? This is your watch. The Ironman One GPS+ provides accurate distance and pace with Instafix GPS, allowing you to safely trek off the beaten path. This watch also lets you control your adventure’s soundtrack with its Bluetooth compatibility and 4GB of memory.

MTM Gray Silencer

Want to know how tough these watches are? They’re used by combat personnel. Your daily troubles don’t seem so bad now, do they? MTM specializes in crafting military and tactical timepieces, so their products are far more resilient than your average sports watch. What you’ll get with the Silencer: a stainless steel case, durable DLC plating, sapphire crystal face, and electromagnetic rechargeable battery—the manufacturer says it’ll last about four months per charge. You may not be a special ops team member, but your wrist can be equipped like one.

Pebble Smartwatch

This incredible affordable smartwatch has been labeled “the smartwatch to beat,” and it’s clear why. While its price point is much lower than most other smartwatches in the market, the phone doesn’t skimp on the necessities. Pebble offers thousands of easy-to-use apps, simple interface and a battery that does not quit – perfect for any tech-savvy adventurer.

Momentum Cobalt Titanium

This watch keeps it simple in nearly every aspect: a clean interface, ginormous numbers, and few tech-y bells and whistles. Its strength lies in its, well strength—a sapphire crystal face that is virtually impossible to scratch, surrounded by a solid titanium band. In fact, the Colbalt Special Edition was named a top pick for Tough Mudder-like activities by Men’s Fitness. You have two distinct color options: black and natural matte titanium.

Garmin Fenix 3

Gizmodo has called the Fenix “the world’s best adventure and training watch”—and that was just the Fenix 2 model. The amped-up Fenix 3 possesses functions for fitness training,including a VO2 max estimator and a race predictor, plus outdoor navigation for running, swimming and skiing. And, since it’s a Garmin product, the GPS technology is guaranteed to be top-notch.

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