6 Simple Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

6 Simple Ways to Organize Your Jewelry

Rings, earrings, necklaces, bangles—how many have you accumulated over the years? More importantly, how many have you lost over the years? A solution is in order—we suggest checking out these seven ways to organize and display your favorite pieces of jewelry.

1. Repurpose a Thread Rack
This inexpensive sewing supply doubles as a handy way to display necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Hang it on a wall or the back of a door and you’ll never lose another tiny accessory. Source: One Good Thing by Jillee










2. Transform Doilies Into Mini Bowls
Here’s an easy project that’ll make you feel like a crafting expert. After soaking a doily in fabric stiffener (or a mixture of glue and water), drape it over the bottom of a small bowl and let it dry overnight. When you wake up—ta-da!—the perfect little dish for rings, earrings, or brooches. Source: Free People







3. Convert Necklaces Into a Wall Hanging
Jewelry can be considered art—right?—so frame it as you would a true masterpiece. We found this cool tutorial using a pretty vintage frame and linen backing. Source: The Elli Blog








4. Reinvent Old Frames
Another quick picture frame hack: Round up all the ones you’re not using—any size, any shape!—and sub in burlap-covered corkboard to hang your precious pairs of dangly earrings. Source: Suburble








5. Decorate a Dress Form
Score a dress form from a yard sale or eBay and layer up all the necklaces it can hold. This will keep ’em tangle-free and serves as sophisticated decor. Source: The Glitter Guide








6. Dust Off That Cupcake Stand
When was the last time you used a cupcake stand for cupcakes? Exactly. Instead, display your earrings, rings, and bangles on the various tiers—it looks just as sweet. Source: Apartment Therapy


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