Meet February’s Gemstone: The Amethyst

Meet February’s Gemstone: The Amethyst

If your birthday falls on any day in the month of February, then the alluring amethyst stone has probably graced your presence more than once. Follow us as we dig a little deeper and explore the story behind this month’s gemstone.


Amethyst is purple quartz, the most valued member of the quartz family. The stone can be found in a variety of purple shades, ranging from light violet to a deeper, rosy purple.


Amethyst is most commonly mined in Brazil, although it can be found elsewhere in the world such as in the USA, Mexico and Russia. Many foreign travelers set off to the city of Queretaro, Mexico to shop from an abundance of amethyst stones. Amethyst’s appearance often varies slightly by region and unique stones’ origin can often be identified based on the color, shape and character of formation.

Royal Past

The color purple has widely been associated with royalty throughout history, and many aristocrats and monarchs adorned themselves in the beautiful gemstone to signify their power. In fact, amethyst was once considered the “jewel of the gods.” Though in the past the stones’ value matched those of diamonds, they areactually much more available today At times during history, the stone was considered as valuable as diamonds but today is much more available.

Ancient Uses

The stone comes from the Greek word meaning “not intoxicated” and, because of a popular legend, was believed for centuries to prevent intoxication, giving the wearer a clear mind. In fact, Ancient Greeks and Romans would embellish their wine goblets with amethyst believing that it would prevent them from becoming intoxicated. Additionally, many travelers and soldiers wore it as a source of defense, believing it could protect them from surprise attacks and harm.

Amethyst Today

Today, the stone is much more common, making it an affordable option for many, though its beauty definitely transcends its commonness.  Due to the harmony with both silver and gold jewelry as well as its tendency to compliment most skin tones, Amethyst is a wonderful choice for almost anyone!

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