Meet March’s Gemstone: Aquamarine

Meet March’s Gemstone: Aquamarine

Graceful, captivating and serene – that’s how we would describe the beauty of March’s gemstone, aquamarine. Follow along as we dive into a few facts about one of the world’s most precious and admired jewels.

The meaning behind the alluring name

You may have guessed it – aquamarine quite literally means “sea water” and is derived from the Latin term aqua marinus. It only makes sense that every characteristic, meaning, myth, or story regarding this stone is centered around the ocean.

Hues of true blues

Like the grand sea, aquamarine has many different tones of blue, from light turquoise to a rich and lively blue. The most common stones resemble the light, cool and translucent colors of the Caribbean’s shorelines. The more intense and vibrant the blue, the more valuable the stone becomes.

A stone of great origins

Aquamarine can be found in Nigeria, Zambia, Madagascar and others, but is most prominently mined across the beautiful country of Brazil.

Protection at sea

For many years, aquamarine has been said to come from a mermaid’s treasure chest, and thus is the guiding force for men at sea. Fishermen and sailors wore the irresistible stone to fight off evil, help with sleepless nights, welcome good luck and prevent sea sickness throughout their journeys.

5 Fun Facts

  • The world’s largest aquamarine stone weighs a whopping sixty pounds and stands two feet tall.
  • In 1957, Queen Elizabeth of England received an exquisite aquamarine tiara that she still wears today.
  • According to many folklore traditions, aquamarine increases intelligence, happiness and courage, and prevents poisons from entering your body.
  • Aquamarine is the sister gemstone of Emerald, Golden Beryl and Morganite.
  • In 1971, aquamarine was recognized as Colorado’s official state gemstone.

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