Hitting the Slopes: Proper Care for Snowboards and Skis

Hitting the Slopes: Proper Care for Snowboards and Skis

Like most outdoor sporting equipment, skis and snowboards require constant maintenance and care. Whether you’re planning your next trip to the mountains of Colorado or California, make sure to keep the following advice in mind to properly care for your gear when hitting the slopes.

Tuning and Waxing Your Equipment

If you’re a winter sports enthusiast, you probably know that tough ice can dull and scrape your skis and boards. Having your equipment tuned and waxed will extend its life and make for smoother adventures.

Why should you tune? Getting a tune-up regularly allows your equipment to perform the way it was intended to. Tune- ups include:  base repair sharpening. Depending on how often you’re out on the mountains, getting your gear tuned can range from once a year to once a week.  If you often find yourself on the slopes, try tuning your equipment frequently to minimize damages.

Why should you wax? Waxing helps reduce friction, increases your performance downhill and prevents damage to the base. There are many steps and tools that go into the process of waxing, but the basics are:

  • Clean the base
  • Apply the heated wax
  • Iron the wax onto your board in back and forth motions
  • Let the wax cool
  • Use a scraper to get rid of excess wax
  • Brush until you have a glossy, polished finish

How often you wax your equipment is completely up to you, but experts say there is no such thing as too much waxing!

Looking ahead

When the time comes to trade ski resorts for beach vacations, be sure to store your equipment properly. Place your boards and skis in cooler places like a dark room or a hallway closet. Keep them out of the garage or attic where sunlight and moisture are likely to work its way in. Cleaning, waxing and storing your equipment the right way can guarantee your gear is good to go for the next round of winter.

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