How to Maximize Your Time Watching Hoops

How to Maximize Your Time Watching Hoops

March is a time for spring flowers, warm weather and most importantly, the big 2016 college basketball tournament. Check out our guide to make the most of your game-watching experience without paying a hefty price for court-side tickets.

HD television for the win

Nothing beats a high definition television, especially when watching a shot at the buzzer or a crucial instant replay. We recommend going big with Samsung’s Curved Smart Ultra HDTV. Its curved screen and eco-sensor capability brings an immersive game-watching experience right to your living room.

Go beyond the television screen

If you want to create a theatre-like atmosphere for your game-watching gatherings, then investing in a projector just might be what you need. You can either find a blank, neutral colored wall inside your home, or take it outdoors and project the games against the side of your home or onto a light-colored bed sheet!

Experience the sound of a live game

Imagine the vivid sounds of sneakers squeaking as a player drives to the goal or the blaring sound of the buzzer as the point guard shoots a game-winning basket! With hundreds of surround sound systems out there, be sure you choose “the one” that makes you feel like you’re sitting courtside of one of the big games. When on the hunt for a suitable home theater system, keep in mind the size of your space. For small and medium sized rooms, you’ll want to purchase a 5.1 receiver, but for larger living areas, investing in a 7.1 receiver will be the better fit.

Stay in the game

With more than 60 college basketball games happening throughout March, you don’t want to miss a single beat. Luckily, you can live stream the games, stay on top of the schedule and bracket, and hear the latest stats and scores while on-the-go.  All you need is a phone, tablet or laptop and the official app!

Get your bracket ready

The players and coaches aren’t the only ones that have a little competitive drive in them.  Once you’ve got your game day setup ready to go, gather your friends and neighbors and let the predictions begin with an interactive bracket. Try this fillable bracket  to turn up the fun a bit!

Whatever your plans are for the big games, keep your devices protected with SIMPLR plan that fits you!

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