SIMPLR Picks For Perfect Tailgates

SIMPLR Picks For Perfect Tailgates

You may be ready for some football – but are you ready to tailgate? No one knows how to support a team like the avid tailgater, and it’s now time to break out the cooler, jerseys, delicious food and more.

We know how expensive it can be to set up the tailgate correctly – in fact, according to The Tailgating Industry Association, more than $35 billion is spent on food and beverages alone for tailgates each year.  That figure doesn’t account for the electronics, utensils, chairs, TVs, and coolers! That’s a lot of money – and SIMPLR wants to make it, well, simpler to enjoy your tailgate.


By giving one lucky winner a brand new Samsung Curved 65-inch 4K Ultra TV, worth $3,300! To enter to win this 65 inch screen of glory, we want to know what you consider a must-have for a successful tailgate. Entry form at the bottom of this post.

To provide some inspiration, we came up with 3 must-have tailgate items of our own:

Bacon Cheese Dip

bacon cheese dip

That’s right, football fans, a tailgate classic. A winning recipe will have you cupping your hands underneath your chosen dipper (chip or cracker) to make sure none of the bacon or cheese deliciousness gets lost in the  bowl-to-mouth transition.

Heavy Duty Grill


The backbone of every hall-of-fame tailgate. The piece that keeps the supply of mouthwatering dishes coming in faster than your guests can say “what is this, and do you have any more of it?” Whether you bring your whole kitchen to the parking lot or simply a few essentials to get the job done, it’s crucial to have a grill that keeps on giving so you can too.

Cold Beverages 


The early months of football season can prove to be a battle against the sun in the tailgate parking lot, making cold drinks critical for maximizing your day game endurance.  Whether it’s hydrating with good ol’ H20, getting your sugar fix with cola, or making every touchdown more exciting with ice cold beer, a stocked cooler is next to mandatory for a successful tailgate. Beer selection is where it gets tricky. Impressing your guests with exotic craft beer can spark conversation, but mixing in some well-known brands people are sure to love is always a good idea as well.

Now it’s your turn!  From August 3 through September 14, use the Rafflecopter widget below to share with us YOUR must have tailgate item for a chance to win! You may also visit SIMPLR on Facebook and Twitter for additional entries.

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There are 15 comments for this article
  1. Ralph at 1:41 am

    Armadillo eggs are a must…recipe….
    6 lrg jalapeño split and seeded
    Cream cheese…fill each half of jalapeño with cream cheese
    Sausage. .. wrap each cream cheese filled jalapeño half with sausage making sure the thickness is consistant all over
    Bacon… wrap each cream cheese filled jalapeño sausage wrapped half w ith bacon

    Cook over indirect heat for 45 min… And ice cold Angry Orchard and its GAME ON BABY

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  3. dottie prater at 11:33 am

    Besides delicious food, what puts ours over the top are the friends. Having all the bells and whistles at a party are great, but good friends to enjoy and create memories with are the best!!!

  4. Tara McClenic at 8:28 pm

    This would be an amazing addition to our home! All of the tv sets we have are old or small & really sucks when it comes to game time. It’s like watching ants running all over the screen. This year though, I am bringing some new food and drink recipes to the table that I found on Pinterest! As well as my already well known dishes that are loved by our friends and family. It’s BYOB if you want alcoholic beverages though!

    • Tara McClenic at 8:32 pm

      And our must have for every game is the food, of course! Specifically my Chicken Chili that is always a big hit and everyone loves the add ins on the side to customize their bowl of chili.

  5. @emilydunlay at 4:51 pm

    Gotta have great food to attract a good crowd! We love pizza, tacos, wings, subs, and pretty much anything else delicious. That paired along with cold drinks and good friends makes for a good time! A new tv would be amazing

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