Top Biking Accessories to Maximize Your Ride

Top Biking Accessories to Maximize Your Ride

Whether it’s commuting to work every day, adventuring amongst the rockiest of mountains, or simply riding through the city for a dose of exercise – biking has become a part of our daily lives. Adding these accessories to your list of biking necessities will maximize your ride and make for a more enjoyable experience!

Staying Protected with Helmets

Most people wouldn’t ride in a car without a seatbelt, so why wouldn’t you take the same safety measures when biking? Helmets are the most important accessory for bikers and often are required by law. There are three main types of helmets – recreational, mountain bike and road bike helmets. Recreational helmets are the most economically friendly and meet the needs for a neighborhood ride. Mountain and road bike helmets are light weight and feature an aerodynamic design to reduce wind resistance. Finding a great fit is the most vital part – your helmet should be snug but not too tight. Often, lower priced options are one size fits all, so spring for a different (and potentially more expensive) option if it’s not a perfect fit.

Navigating with GPS

From mapping out your routes to turn-by-turn navigation and distance tracking, GPS’ for bikes are just as useful as those used for your car trips. For longer rides, stay on track with a GPS made for your outdoor activities, specifically biking. Look for a product that is a wearable or bike-mountable, allowing you to keep your eyes on your adventure.

Documenting the adventure

Documenting your ride using a hands-free camera is an easy and safe way to capture those exhilarating memories. So, where do you start and what should you look to record the action? First, you’ll want your camera to be either wearable or mountable. Go Pro cameras are quite popular because of their durability, video editing capabilities and wide-angle lenses allowing your viewers to get an immersive experience.

Keeping your bike secure

Did you know more than 1.5  million bicycles are stolen every year? Remove the worry with a strong and sturdy lock to reduce chances of bike theft. Securing the lock through the back wheel within the triangle of the bike frame reduces the risk of theft even more as it becomes impossible for thieves to pull the frame away from the wheel. Registering your bike serves as a second layer of security, helping return your bike if it is taken.

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