Which Hybrid Fitness Class Is for You?

Which Hybrid Fitness Class Is for You?

Just like dog breeders with their goldendoodles or puggles, fitness enthusiasts simply can’t stop combining forms of exercise. These six variations range from intriguing to downright silly—and we break down why you might want to try them all.

What it combines: Treadmill + Yoga
What you’ll do: Strike a series of yoga poses on a slowwwly moving treadmill. (There are actually two kinds of troga: A newer, completely different variation combines TRX resistance training—which uses suspended ropes and webbing—with standard yoga moves.)
Try it if: You were inspired by Mitch’s troga moves in that episode of Modern Family…or if straight-up jogging just really, really bores you.

What it combines: Pilates + Boxing (+ a little ballet, too)
What you’ll do: To be frank, not a lot of conventional Pilates—although some classes encourage mat work toward the end. You will be doing a lot of boxing moves, like jabs and uppercuts, mixed with the leg lifts and pliés you’d find in a dance or barre class.
Try it if: Your goals are long, lean muscles, an amped-up metabolism, and an intense hour of kicking butt.

What it combines: Acrobatics + Yoga
What you’ll do: Ideally? Fly through the air with the greatest of ease. More likely? Wobble through yoga poses midair while balancing on someone else’s feet. Either way, your core gets one heck of a workout.
Try it if: You have a partner that you really trust, who has really clean feet. (A spotter wouldn’t hurt, either.) Yoga Journal came up with a good AcroYoga series for beginners.

Cardio Karaoke
What it combines: Cardio + terrible, terrible singing
What you’ll do: If you buy the Billy Blanks Jr. DVD, you’ll follow along through his high-impact aerobics routine and several outdated pop songs. We recommend the DIY version: inviting a few friends over, blasting Taylor Swift or Bruno Mars, and bouncing around until you’re out of breath.
Try it if: You’ve always wanted to star in one of those cheesy ’90s workout videos.

SUP Yoga
What it combines: Stand up paddling + yoga
What you’ll do: Swap out your yoga mat for a paddleboard and head to the nearest body of calm water.
Try it if: You’re looking for a killer ab workout—which you’ll get thanks to the unstable waters underneath your board—all while taking in better sights than even the fanciest yoga studio can provide.

What it combines: Aerobics + an absolutely ginormous trampoline (some take up an entire floor!)
What you’ll do: A lot more than just jump up and down. You’ll get a full-body workout—often using equipment like resistance bands and medicine balls—and burn hundreds upon hundreds of calories.
Try it if: You’re in peak shape, heart-wise. While it may look like a kiddie-birthday funhouse, this is an intense, nonstop workout.

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