Winter Sports Wearables: Which to Get and How to Protect

Winter Sports Wearables: Which to Get and How to Protect

No need to hole up indoors when the cold comes creeping in—enjoy your favorite winter sports with the help of these innovative tech toys.

Oakley Airwave

Say goodbye to basic skiing goggles—today’s models feature GPS and Bluetooth technology in addition to the standard eye protection. Oakley, the longtime gold standard of sport goggles, offers up a slew of additional features with its tricked-out Airwave model: there are built-in sensors to monitor speed and jump analytics, preloaded maps, buddy tracking and more. Meanwhile, casual skiers will appreciate the music playlist control that allows them to jam out while on the slopes.

FWD Powershot

There’s no better way for hockey players to improve their shot than the FWD Powershot, a slim sensor that easily slips inside the top of the hockey stick. You can analyze your performance during practice and then track and compare shots during games. Powershot syncs with your mobile device to provide both feedback in real time and recorded footage to watch (and rewatch) later to maximize your gametime performance.

 Cabela’s Heated Performance Gear

Cold weather runners, here’s one way to reduce your misery ever so slightly: a line of battery-powered vests and coats from trusted outdoors company Cabela’s. Heaters in the chest and back, with adjustable levels of warmth, will keep you toasty no matter how cold the air around you feels. Even without activating the heaters, the apparel’s lined performance fleece will protect you from the bite of winter. P.S., they have gloves and mittens, too!

Even if you use your winter wearables for only a few months each year, you must protect them! Wear and tear, defects, ill-timed breakdowns—SIMPLR covers all of this and more. Get the full scoop here.

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