8 Smart Home Gadgets You’ll Want Right Now

8 Smart Home Gadgets You’ll Want Right Now

It’s 2016 and our houses are about to become a whole lot smarter. From fridges to remotes, cookware to TVs , 2016 is offering plenty of new smart home technology to make our lives easier.

Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? Sensorwake is an alarm clock that diffuses a scent –such as coffee, mint or the ocean – of your choice at a certain time. So instead of waking up to a sound that may make you want to pull your hair out, you can wake up to your favorite aroma. This product is usually priced at $110, but if you pre-order now, you can get the clock for $89.

Samsung’s Family Hub refrigerator
This new Samsung Family Hub refrigerator is no average fridge. It comes equipped with a huge touchscreen embedded in the front, offering different useful apps and a built-in interior camera of sending pictures of its contents. Users can even create shopping lists and order groceries from their fridge whilst streaming movies, TV, news or music.

SmartyPans can be used on a stovetop or in the oven.  Some key features include temperature and weight sensing, fitness tracker syncing, cooking instructions and most importantly, it’s dishwasher safe. This smart pan syncs with its app, updates as ingredients are added, equipping users to create perfectly cooked meals. Not only can this pan help you reach your fitness goals, it’s smart enough to cook with you and calculate exactly how many calories you’re cooking up.

Opcom Farm Cube
Have you always wanted to grow your own food, but haven’t had the best luck? Opcom Farm Cube is here to help. The Farm Cube is a rack with bicolor LED lights and a touchscreen control panel that can gauge light needs for different plants, even if the user doesn’t know what’s best for each. By choosing a vegetable species in the system, everything including water, LED light, fan and fertilizer will adjust automatically.

The Netatmo Presence
The Netatmo Presence is a web camera that keeps you informed of activity on your property.  It detects things like someone loitering around your home, cars entering your driveway, and your pet in the yard. The real-time updates can be customized to each household and users can select specific areas for alerts so they know instantly when someone enters a selected zone. In addition, Netatmo is synced to an app allowing users to live stream form any device, anytime. In addition, users can scroll through old footage and save any videos they’d like – perfect if you capture a cute moment by your pets or kids!

Don’t forget to keep all your home technology protected with a SIMPLR protection plan!

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