A Guide to Smarter Lawn Care this Spring

A Guide to Smarter Lawn Care this Spring

From smart appliances and advanced thermostats to top notch security systems, it’s safe to say that the smart technology trend has made its way into our homes – and is definitely here to stay. As spring blooms into action, we’re rounding up a few “smarter” tools to add to your lawn care routine this season.


The grass is always greener when you upgrade from your traditional self-propelled lawn mower. Autonomous robotic lawnmowers have been around for more than a decade, yet they continue to evolve and now require little human intervention and effort. With hundreds of “mowbots” out there, the key features remain the same: wire parameters, GPS sensors, charging docks and programmable options.

Smart Irrigation Control Systems

Most people have kicked the old water hose and basic sprinkler to the curb.  They are, opting instead for underground irrigation systems to save money and  the hassle of manual watering.  When you’re on the hunt for the latest control system, look for features like Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity, weather monitoring and cycle scheduling. Innovative products like Greeniq and Rachio save up to 50 percent of water consumption and even have their own apps to keep you connected!

Garden sensors

A flawless lawn isn’t complete without out a beautiful garden. Smart garden sensors, like EDYN or Parrot Flower Power, reduce the mystery by letting you know exactly what’s happening in your flower beds. The solar powered sensors measure and monitor your soil’s moisture, temperature, light levels, environmental conditions and more to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Their apps allow you to check the status of your garden, and receive real-time weather updates and guidance straight from your smart phone.


  • Mowdo: Makes it easy for you to get matched with local lawn care professionals to do the yard work for you.
  • Landscaper’s Companion: A database of more than 26,000 plants to help guide your gardening experience.
  • Garden and Landscape Designs: Gain design ideas and inspiration for your next landscaping project!

However you choose to keep your yard looking vibrant and healthy, keep your tools and systems protected with a SIMPLR protection plan!

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