5 Creative Uses for Your Tablet

5 Creative Uses for Your Tablet

Nearly half of the American adult population owns a tablet computer, according to Pew Research Center. As ubiquitous as these devices are, they have tons of hidden potential. Here are five ways you (probably) didn’t realize you could use your tablet.

An Integrated Car Dashboard

If your car’s factory features are a bit lacking, consider mounting a seven-inch tablet where that AM/FM radio normally sits. The swap will put GPS capabilities and all of your favorite music right at your fingertips. You can even “install” it yourself—Lifehacker has a handy tutorial here. We recommend a nonpermanent setup, like with Velcro, so you can take the device with you.

A Second Monitor

As you type away at your laptop or desktop, your tablet is likely going untouched. Why not put it to use as a second screen? According to Time, the best way to do that is with Duet Display. When the app is installed on two Apple devices that are connected with a lightning cable, you’ll begin seeing double—and instantly increase your work efficiency. Air Display provides a similar experience for Android users.

A Teleprompter

Nervous about an upcoming work presentation or even a wedding toast? Of course there’s an app for that. Turn your tablet into a teleprompter using an app like ProPrompter (for iOS) or A Prompter for Android—and finally say goodbye to your fear of speaking in public.

Digital Picture Frame

While digital photo frames make a great gift for family (hi, Mom!), you can MacGyver one for yourself. MashTips rounded up the best free conversion apps for tablets, including Picmatic for iOS and Photo Slides (Photo Frames) for Android—the only other supply you’ll need is a sturdy display stand.

A Security Camera

Monitoring devices of any kind are expensive—security companies know you’ll shell out big bucks for peace of mind. So it’s kind of crazy that you can make one yourself with a spare tablet and the free Camio app. In addition to live streaming, motion detection, and real-time alerts, you can easily sift through the day’s footage with the built-in search feature. And for all you new parents, Camio also works as a baby monitor.

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