How to Document Your Time on the Slopes

How to Document Your Time on the Slopes

Big ski weekend coming up? Take your camera along for the ride—just make sure to take this advice with you, too.

Get the Right Equipment

When you think documenting action sports, you think GoPro—and you think correctly. These tough-as-nails cameras and accessories (like head straps and chest harnesses) are quite literally made for skiing and therefore a no-brainer in terms of equipment. If you’re going the DSLR route, Digital Spy recommends bringing a catchall lens, like an 18-300mm, on the mountain; it’ll cover most of your needs and is easy to find for most DSLR brands. And if you’re sticking with your phone’s built-in camera, download an app like Slopes that lets you instantly share all your photos—and the day’s downhill stats—on social media.

Capture the Shot

As pretty as the scenery is—gleaming white snow stretching forever!—it can throw off your camera’s exposure by misleading its light meter. Two fixes, according to the pros at Adorama: If it’s sunny out, point your lens at the sky but away from the sun and lock in that exposure setting; if it’s overcast, set the exposure compensation to +2 to counteract the camera’s natural inclination to underexpose a snowy scene. Additionally, Olympics Photographer of the Year Mark Pain notes that turning on the flash (usually a no-no) will compensate for some exposure wackiness, resulting in a brighter photograph.

Keep Your Gear Safe

While GoPros are well known for their toughness, they’re not invincible—rain repellant, anti-fog inserts and protective lenses and covers are all still worthy investments, depending on your level of activity. If you’re changing out a lens or filter on your DSLR, do so indoors to prevent flurries or dust from settling in your gear. As for your smartphone, the LifeProof Frē (for Apple, Samsung, and Motorola models) is an ultra-thin, ultra-light waterproof case that segues seamlessly from the slopes back to everyday life.

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